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Love’s Greatest Joy - A Closer Walk with God

The God who is Love rejoices greatly when His people walk with Him in Truth. This book examines the essentials of the Christian life in a way that is theologically rich and and inspired by the discipleship teachings of past giants of the faith. It teaches spiritual disciplines that lead to Godly habits and enhance the quality of one’s soul-life with God. It also seeks to help the reader to move out into the world as one sent by God to testify to the joyous grace of the God who is Love. This book and integrated study guide was developed with several groups of research participants who contributed to its refinement. It is ideal for individual study or for small groups.

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Sailing - A Metaphor for Life

People have long been captivated by sailboats. Like white gulls in flight, they move effortlessly through wind and water in a graceful dance that challenges the elements and speaks of a magnificent freedom. So it is also with people born of the Spirit. They have an uncanny ability to overcome adversity and move through life with a resiliency that inspires awe. In this brief volume, Dr. Les Galicinski takes the reader through his personal discovery of sailing as a metaphor for life lived in the Christ boat. Whether you are an avid sailor or know nothing at all about sailing, you will discover an invigorating new way of experiencing the Christian life.

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The SPC BOOK - a User’s Reference to Statistical Process Control

This book is a concise user's reference to Statistical Procees Control (SPC) methods. Written in simple language, it lays out the rationale for the use of these techniques to improve the quality of all work processes. It shows how to conduct and interpret process capability studies, and how to use seven types of control charts, including Average-Range, Individual Moving Range, Moving Average, Moving Range, and four types of Attribute charts (np,p,c,u). It also covers the development of a control plan. Complete with glossary, index, formula pages and chart selection diagrams. Ideal as a seminar handout or employee quick reference.

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